Released July 2, 2008
In 2006 after years of playing and co-writing with other musicians, I finally decided that I wanted to do a solo Cd. Back in 1999 this was my plan. I started writing and recording for a solo Cd which ended up being a “Daze Of Green” Cd….A band that I was in at the time. Songs Like “When Your Day Is Through”, “Day I Die”, “Old Man”, and “Wait Too Long” were intended to be on that solo project. Eventually in 2009, those songs ended up on my “Yesterdaze News” Cd.

In 2005 I started to write new songs for another “Daze Of Green” Cd that never happened. That band split the following year and I focused on writing/recording my new set of songs. Some of the songs on “Bring it Home” where songs I had written but forgotten about from years earlier. Songs like “Never Be The same” and “Little Boats On The river” were written years before, but re-worked with a better feel and fresher Lyrics. During the recording of this Cd, I went through many different titles and covers. “Bring It Home’ seemed to fit it best. I recorded the Cd mostly at home in my bedroom or garage on my Yamaha AG-16 recorder. It reminded me back when I was a teenager and I would make home demos using 2 tape players to bounce tracks back and forth. I would do this late at night so no one would make noise during my demo recording. I found myself doing the same thing just 20 years later and much better equipment. So to me it was like going back to the basics… Bring it Home fit perfectly.

This Cd also gave me the chance to play a lot of the instruments which were fun! One memory that sticks out is me laying down the bass track to “Little Boats On The River” in my bedroom with my wife Cindy sleeping rigth below me…It was about 2 in the morning ; ) “Stay With Me Tonight” I wrote and recorded all in the same day, started out as a demo, but after listening to it, I liked the basic feel to it and kept it that way. Same with “Lonely Without You” which I played all the instruments except for the accordion and vibes.

‘Bring It Home’ was the first Cd I had done where I got many great reviews. Seems like more people were interested in my music now than any time before. It was also the first time I got air play with “Lonely Without You”, “Gotta Love this Life” and “Never Be The same” which got me in the top 3 spot for 9 weeks…3 of those weeks I was the #1 slot for The Zones Unsigned Artist. Afters Years of plugging in my music to no response, this was a great feeling. ‘Bring It Home’ also ended up in the hands of Scotty Moore who was Elvis’ guitarist from 1954-1968 and is also my main influence on guitar. Mike Pender of The Moody Blues is another that I got to meet and personally give him this Cd. Others to… like Van Morrison and Jimmy Vaughn.

I’m proud of this Cd…I got to work with some great musicians and each song has a meaning to me. I hope you like this Cd and most importantly, I hope it puts a smile on your face.